Assess Your HR Department's Alignment and Operational Efficiency

We will work with you to understand how your current HR department aligns with your company’s strategic business objectives and determine how the function supports line management. This review can be valuable to businesses and organizations with existing HR departments, with those looking to establish formal HR functions and for those acquiring businesses during due diligence or soon after a transaction closes. It culminates in a “playbook” of critical action items to improve the HR function and ensure it aligns with your strategic and operational objectives. During this assessment we will:

  • Evaluate current processes and identify opportunities for improvement with respect to: 
    • talent recruitment (sourcing, screening and interview methodology, on-boarding and integration)
    • performance management (identification of core competencies, performance evaluation, goal-setting to drive accountability, coaching and mentoring, and addressing underperformers) and;
    • development (routine identification of and investment in technical and soft skill training for your people – key to a competitive workforce and to retention).
  • Review HR analytics currently tracked with recommendations for additional data mining.
  • Determine how compensation decisions are arrived at and communicated as well as their impact on accountability, performance, engagement and retention.
  • Review benefit plan designs and recommendations for managing costs while being competitive to recruit and retain talent.
  • Identify potential regulatory compliance issues.