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Strengthen your organization.

For many companies, it is critical to proactively address structural and cultural issues which may stifle growth or require investment to ignite growth. These issues may include :

  • key positions which should be filled in the short-term
  • “future state” organizational structures noting creation of new roles, staffing requirements, and potential for career paths
  • vulnerability due to lack of succession planning
  • current decision-making approaches and formal/informal governance
  • “markers” which describe the culture actually experienced by employees and the “shifts” required to effect positive change
  • impact of strong personalities
  • plans for the transitions from closely-held businesses to organizations run by managers without family ties



Developing your HR leaders  

Does your lead HR manager have a “seat at the table” when your management team is developing strategic plans and making critical operating decisions? If not, why not?

Often we hear our clients lament that their HR department leaders are trustworthy people and talented managers but they do not have the understanding of their organization’s businesses to serve as key advisors to their management teams. We have developed a model and a process to assess your lead HR Manager’s current skill set including business acumen, design a customized development plan and finally, deliver one-on-one coaching and mentoring to help your manager reach his or her potential as a strategic thinker and advisor.



Source and assess new talent

How do you source new talent in this competitive market? As an employer, how do you brand yourself in this market where top performers have numerous options? Most importantly, how do you consistently screen and interview applicants to ensure they have the skills and cultural fit required for success within your organization? We can help you not only design an effective talent selection process which is respectful of candidates and is responsive internally, but also we can challenge your existing interview methodologies and create internal training to ensure consistency throughout your company.


Help your employees thrive

Kelmar will work with your HR Team to identify and articulate core competencies and to provide a blueprint for developing your employees and helping them to realize their potential. Together we will build processes to meaningfully assess employee performance, set goals to connect your employees’ daily priorities to your organization’s strategic objectives and drive accountability, and identify training and development opportunities to help your employees grow professionally. We will do this with an eye toward minimizing administrative burden of your line managers while ensuring that they focus time on developing their colleagues to sustain the growth of your organization.


Deliver content to develop competencies

Creating a culture of continuous learning is often mentioned as a strategic imperative to building an attractive work place culture. We will customize and deliver content for your HR staff and line manager development programs on topics of interest including interview skills and methodologies, mentoring, and giving meaningful feedback. We can co-facilitate and brand these programs as part of your internal development programs and integrate these with existing courses, or launch them as new initiatives which are multi-faceted and focus on the core competencies required for success in your organization.


Assess Your HR Department's Alignment and Operational Efficiency

We will work with you to understand how your current HR department aligns with your company’s strategic business objectives and determine how the function supports line management. This review can be valuable to businesses and organizations with existing HR departments, with those looking to establish formal HR functions and for those acquiring businesses during due diligence or soon after a transaction closes. It culminates in a “playbook” of critical action items to improve the HR function and ensure it aligns with your strategic and operational objectives. During this assessment we will:

  • Evaluate current processes and identify opportunities for improvement with respect to: 
    • talent recruitment (sourcing, screening and interview methodology, on-boarding and integration)
    • performance management (identification of core competencies, performance evaluation, goal-setting to drive accountability, coaching and mentoring, and addressing underperformers) and;
    • development (routine identification of and investment in technical and soft skill training for your people – key to a competitive workforce and to retention).
  • Review HR analytics currently tracked with recommendations for additional data mining.
  • Determine how compensation decisions are arrived at and communicated as well as their impact on accountability, performance, engagement and retention.
  • Review benefit plan designs and recommendations for managing costs while being competitive to recruit and retain talent.
  • Identify potential regulatory compliance issues.  


Invest In Your "Stars"

Those who are the busiest tend to take on new challenges both professionally and personally, leaving them little time to reflect on their own professional development.  We coach and mentor business leaders and executives in the art of aligning people - their most valuable assets - with their strategic business objectives through one-on one training and coaching, setting and monitoring goals, and giving formal and informal feedback.  Our guidance considers the unique attributes and talents each individual brings to the workplace and as well as the culture the leader currently generates or aspires to foster.


Acquire "another set of hands"

Are open projects piling up due to your HR staff being stretched a bit thin as they hire and on-board new employees and devote time to employee relations?  This is a common problem we can help solve by assisting with job description updates, employee manual drafts and revisions, edits of various forms utilized by your department, and design of employee communications programs to name a few.  We will partner with you to ensure the work product reflects your business’s unique culture.


Let Others Counsel You

Addressing your employees' performance and behaviors provides unique challenges for so many factors influence these decisions including our emotions, the variability of human behavior and the relationships we have in the workplace.  We can provide the objective sounding board to bring clarity and order to the chaos that often these surrounds situations.  This can be done through role play, advising an HR manager on the “script” for employee meetings, as well as talking through consequences and next steps.  This can shorten the time and resources required by your HR team to counsel others so they can focus on your high-performers.