Your people are your most "valuable assets" and critical to the success of your organization – right?  We hear this time and time again.  Kelmar Consulting can help you translate these words into action. 

We advise senior business leaders as they design and execute plans to accelerate the growth of their organizations.  Our operational experience includes strategic planning, process improvement and issue resolution involving talent acquisition and development, geographic and service line expansion, employee engagement and communication, compensation and benefits, and diversity and inclusion. 

Our clients are typically professional and other service businesses for whom the recruitment, development and engagement of their people are essential to their success.  Our unique combination of finance and accounting as well as human resources experience results in a pragmatic approach to advising our clients on the organizational design, processes and culture required to expand firms, practices and service lines. We provide this expertise to newly-acquired businesses, those experiencing accelerated growth and those which may be experiencing recurring issues – all with an eye for identifying the root causes of problems and for building disciplined processes while preserving or enhancing culture.